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“CAT 2014 – How I Attempted New Pattern Prock Mock 13″ by Gejo

This article by Gejo is a must read and the video a must view for anyone who is serious about CAT and other MBA entrances. It beautifully illustrates how a systematic and a planned test taking process can help you maximse on your strengths and to minimise on your weakness.

Gejo clearly demonstrate that you need not be excellent in all areas to do well in MBA entrances. For those of you who have gone through the my videos of Mock CAT 7, 10 and 13 will find similarities in the way we take the paper.  For example both of first first plan (scan the paper, allocate time limits etc) and then implement (attempt), we avoid questions types that we are not comfortable with, use SQC techniques, are usually quick in leaving question, continuously assess our performance and also make mistakes while attempting the paper. While there are similarities in our approach there are significant dissimilarities in our choice of questions for example, while I prefer Arithmetic Gejo avoids it.

Click here to view video recording of Gejo’s Mock CAT 13 attempt, it is also available in your SIS and stay tuned in for similar videos (and write ups ) by other CL faculty.

Over to Gejo.


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Four things you must never-ever do with an RC passage

Every time I see the question- ‘what is the main purpose of the passage?’ follow an RC passage, I’ve felt that there should be an option ‘to confuse the reader’! To ease out some of the confusion, and make your life easier here are 4 cardinal rules you must follow at all times.

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CAT 2014 – How I Attempted New Pattern Mock CAT 12

This is my third and the last attempt at recording the test while attempting it and sharing the video recording share my thought process while attempting the paper. The reason for me not taking any more papers is simple, I feel that after 3 papers I will be repeating myself and will not be adding value to the students. The series “How I took Mock CAT 2014 – Mock CAT XX” will however continue with other CL faculty members taking the subsequent Mock CATs. There are different ways of taking a paper and while my style of taking the paper will work for some of you it will not work for many others and to ensure that we expose you to different styles of attempting the paper. There is no right or wrong way of taking the paper, choose the style or the method that works best for you.

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4 Weeks to CAT’14 – Ab billi door nahin

With just over 4 weeks left for CAT it is time for us to move on to the next stage of preparation. While the earlier stages of preparation were about building up of fundamentals, application of concepts, exposure to MCQs, increasing speed and working out strategies for various types of questions,  the focus of this stage of preparation is to ensure accuracy with speed.

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CAT 2014 – How I Attempted New Pattern Mock CAT 10

I took “CAT 2014 – Mock CAT 10” on 4th Oct and like Mock CAT 7 recorded the attempt which is available in test analysis available in SIS and can also be accessed by clicking here, however due to sessions I could not go through the video, analyse the performance and write the summary of my attempt. A bit delayed but let me share my analysis of the paper.

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NMAT 2015 Exam Analysis

In the first couple of days of NMAT a few students have had a disaster hence let us start with a couple of things that you need to ensure:

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SNAP form filling

Admission to the Business programs offered by Symbiosis is via SNAP. If you are interested in SIBM or any other Institute under Symbiosis University, you need to register and apply for the academic programmes of SIBM and other institutes.

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The Mystery of R1, R2, R3 Solved: Presenting the ‘Strength Finder’

Why is it that most of us are unable to identify R1, R2 and R3 questions while taking Mock CATs and usually end up attempting the difficult questions over the easier ones? The reason is that most of us are confused about our strengths and weaknesses. We work at the macro level i.e. the topic level (Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry etc.) but our attempts in CAT have to be at the question type level, and many of us are unable to reconcile the two levels.

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4 ways to eliminate options in RC

BANE Technique to handle RC.

Let me share my ‘ mantra ’ to handle RC

1. I don’t skim!

Skimming is for those who know the subject. When I do not know much about philosophy, and the passage gives the cosmological argument of the First Cause, I will be lost in the cosmos if I skim. I read!

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CAT 2014 – How I Attempted New Pattern Mock CAT 7

Since I had been on the move, all the Mock CATs that I had attempted so far were in the pen and paper mode and after taking the paper I would write down (based on memory) of how I attempted the paper. This I felt was insufficient because:

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