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Things you must-do after every mock you take

This is the second in the series of articles on ensuring that every Mock CAT helps you improve your scores. While the first one Are you choosing the right questions in your Mocks was on classifying the questions in different categories and identifying the right questions to attempt in (Mock) CAT, this one suggests what all you must do after every Mock CAT you take.

Students focus on writing the Mocks and some even go to the extent of a taking a Mock CAT every day.  After the paper they check their scores and move on to the next paper. To understand how the Mock CATs should be handled we need to first understand the purpose of Mock CATs.

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4 Rules to Master Para Completion

If a poll was conducted among CAT aspirants on the most hated question type in English section, possibly Sentence Correction and Para Completion would top the charts. Unfortunately the prerequisite for doing well in both these question types would mean going back in time and inculcating a “good reading habit”. You will rarely find someone who has been reading regularly not doing well in these question types. Obviously, going back in time is ruled out and since we are targeting CAT 2014, which is just 3 months away, “develop a good reading habit” is stupid advice.

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Are you choosing the right questions in your Mock CATs?

In my last blogpost The single-most unpardonable, gravest sin you can commit in CAT,
I discussed the importance of leaving difficult questions. Let us now look at a related and equally important aspect of test taking – Are you choosing the right questions to attempt?

Most of the time the reason for poor performance is not lack of knowledge but poor question selection.  To check if your question selection is upto the mark or not, take the last Mock CAT attempted by you and place each question of the paper in one of the cells in the table given below. You have to, based on your strengths & weakness, decide if a particular question should or should not have been attempted by you and then place it in the appropriate cell.

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CAT Ka Big Boss

I have always maintained that in order to do well in CAT and other MBA entrance exams, while it is important to know what you know, it is equally important – if not more important – to know what you do not know or know only partially. In all these papers, the task in front of us is to ensure that we not only maximize attempts of questions that we are confident of solving but also minimize wastage of time by quickly leaving questions that we are not confident of solving. Continue Reading

The single-most unpardonable, gravest sin you can commit in CAT

Here is the ugly truth that no one tells you about taking the CAT – in your quest of attempting as many questions as you can, you are actually giving yourself more chances to screw up. The more questions you attempt – the greater the chances of silly mistakes and of missing the sitters. Which brings me to the most unpardonable sin you can commit in CAT – the greed of attempting more and more questions.

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7 Rules to Excel in CAT VA

Understanding of a Paper (or a section) along with the understanding of own strengths and weakness are the two essential blocks of deciding the strategy for attempting it. To understand the section, let us look at the question types that appear in English or the VA section of MBA entrance test and look at the skills required to answer them and also simultaneously look at my comfort level with each of these question types.

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7 Rules to Excel in CAT QA

In this season of Mock CATs, most of the students struggle with the problem of low attempts (and low scores) in QA despite having good knowledge. Many students are unable to choose the right questions while attempting the paper and end up attempting difficult questions that not only take time but also get them negative marks.

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CAT 2014: Ache din aane wale hain!

CAT ’14 is just a few months away and all serious aspirants are pursuing their preparation with a lot of dedication and sincerity. Yet, one question troubles many CAT ’14 aspirants – after 5 years of controversial Prometric-CATs (CAT ’09 – CAT ’13), will TCS and the IIMs deliver a non-controversial CAT ’14? The Prometric-CATs were plagued by multiple issues and detailed analyses of the issues connected to CAT ’09 and CAT ’13 are available at Ajab CAT ki Gajab Kahani and at Ajab CAT ki Gajab Kahani – Dobara respectively. Continue Reading


Jayein toh jayein kahaan 2014: Which Institute?

A student seeking my advice on which institute to join said “sir, if I were your nephew then after considering all factors which out of these three institute would you recommend?”

There is always a dilemma when it comes to choosing institutes because wrong choice of institute could very easily lead to poor career growth or waste of money or both and unfortunately most of the B school rankings have different ranks for the same institute. Also most rankings do not consider students point of view and have a low weight for their most important criteria – placements.

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SSC (CGL) Re-examination 2013, Comprehensive Analysis (Slot-1 and 2)

Staff Selection Commission successfully conducted the 1st phase of the re-examination for the CGL 2013 candidates on April 27, 2014.

Unlike the last time, the test was conducted on the same day in 2 slots (Morning and Afternoon), with 2 different papers and 8 sets in each slot. The number of sections, question types and the difficulty level broadly remained the same across all test papers.

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