With NMAT declaring the scores of Window 1 & 2 the obvious question in the minds of the NMAT takers is:

->Should I go for a retake?

->Which institute/program can I get an interview call from?

Obviously, the answer to these questions is in trying to predict the cutoff that NMIMS would have for its various programs. So, let us first have a look at the NMAT cutoffs for the last few papers.

NMAT Cut-offs

Section NMIMS Mumbai FTMBA/HR NMIMS PGDM Blr /Hyd NMIMS Mumbai MBA Pharma
2013 2014 2015 2016 2016 2016
Quantitative Skills 72 70 65 65 65 50
Language Skills 55 55 50 51 51 50
Logical Reasoning 61 61 55 55 55 50
Overall 209 209 207 208 190 169

NMAT 2017 refers to the NMAT conducted during Oct-Dec 2017 for admission to 2018-20 batch

What about NMAT 2017?
NMAT 2017 cut offs will obviously be impacted by the paper structure, difficulty level, the number of seats in each program, the number of applicants and the seats to interview calls ratio. The structure of NMAT 2017 has not changed and the overall difficulty level of NMAT has also remained the same despite marginal changes in difficulty level across sections. Hence, I would assume that the cut offs this year will not be very different from last year but due to slightly easier

Based on the sectional and the overall scores, I have created five different score levels as given below:

Section Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
QS ≥ 70 65 – 70 60 – 65 50 – 60 < 50
LS ≥ 55 50 – 55 50 – 55 45 – 50 < 45
LR ≥ 60 55 – 60 50 – 55 45 – 50 <45
Overall ≥ 210 205 – 209 200 – 205 175 – 200 < 175


Institute/Program To retake or not to retake?
NM Mumbai FTMBA/HR No Your choice Yes Yes Yes
XIMB – HR No No Your choice Yes Yes
NM Bangalore/Hyderabad – PGDM No No No Yes Yes


Level 1: If all your scores correspond to this level then you are likely to get interview calls from all programs that accept NMAT scores. Hence, you should focus on the other MBA entrance tests and start your PDP classes immediately after CAT.

Level 2: If any of your sectional scores or overall score are in this level then you cannot be certain of getting a call from NMIMS Mumbai MBA/HR programs and hence should consider a retake. You will however get calls from all other NMAT institutes/programs.

Level 3: With sectional and/or overall scores in this level, most probably you will not be shortlisted by NMIMS Mumbai for MBA/HR programs and XIMB HR is also not confirmed. So, if you are targeting NMIMS Mumbai or XIMB HR then you should go for a retake. However, if you are satisfied with NMIMS Bangalore or Hyderabad then a retake is not required. For a retake you should be confident of increasing sectional/overall scores corresponding to at least Level 2.

Level 4: In this scenario a retake is required; however, before deciding on the retake, please evaluate your total & sectional scores critically to decide if you will be able to reach Level 3. If you think Level 3 scores are out of reach, then do not go for a retake and instead focus on SNAP and other MBA entrances.

Level 5: Howsoever cruel it might sound, if your scores are in this level, I feel compelled to say that a retake may not be useful because the gap which you need to cover is huge and it is unlikely that you will be able to increase your sectional and the overall scores in the next 2-4 weeks. You would be better off focusing on other MBA entrances. The only reason to go for a retake would be if you messed up your test strategy and are confident that it will not be repeated.

Remember, these are just guidelines and you must make an honest self-evaluation and take a call. Do take into consideration, your current performance in your IIFT/CAT/SNAP/XAT MOCKs.

All the Best!