Planning to take the NMAT 2017 exam ?

NMAT 2017 is one exam that is one of the important MBA entrance exam that is the gateway to the prestigious NMIMS institute and many other partner institutes. With the increase in the number of applicants for the NMAT exam, the competition is bound to get fierce and only those with the best strategy will survive. In one of the previous posts IIFT and NMAT – EK teer se teen nishaane, we touched upon the strategy required to prepare for the NMAT exam.

Also, in our NMAT 2017 analysis we have shared how the NMAT 2017 exam has a slightly difficult LR while easy to moderate Quant and Language Skills sections. In this post. we bring to you CL expert Gautam Bawa’s in-depth analysis on how to go about the NMAT 2017 if you are yet to take it for the first time or even if you are going in for a retake.

This session is not to be missed as GB discusses the nuances of each section, ways to tackle it and the preferred sequence of the sections. Watch on!