Know where you are! Thats the best place to start preparing!

One of the greatest strengths of anyone who has achieved some thing consistently and in a sustainable way is his or her accurate self-assessment. The person could be a Roger Federer or Sachin Tendulkar or Uday Kotak or even Neha Manglik, our student who is a CAT-14 100 %iler. She also is AIR #1 in XAT.

These achievers never hide behind anything when it comes to feedback. In fact, they seek constant feedback from their coaches, friends, advisors, so that they can improve.

As CAT-15 and CAT-16 aspirants, here is your first feedback based on the “Founders’ Batch Entrance Test”. It benchmarks you with over a 1000 early starters towards the real CAT. Please look at it with a lot of purposefulness. You can make a world of difference to your preparation if you wish. Make every effort to discuss the same with your CL mentor.

Merit List for Founders’ Batch
Incidentally, we are using this as a filter to announce the ‘merit list’ for the founders’ batch. Congratulations if you have made the cut. Please call or mail our team (details below) and set up a for the formal profile interview in the next few days with one of us. Your job is half done. Hope you will get past the interview too. All the best. BTW, We wish to start the session by Feb 10, 2015. One batch at CP.

What if you missed the cut-off :
If not, nothing is lost yet. We will do another test at the end of March and announce the new additions to the founders’ batch. You can catch up.

By the way, an important part of our Founders” batch study material is the “SMART CAT CRACKER”. You are most welcome to subscribe to it. So, just to clarify, the only thing you are going to miss are our personal sessions and the mentoring time for a period of 60 days. You can aim to get in at the next window of opportunity.

Stay focused. stay consistent :
Eventually, focus and consistency wins. Your aptitude is a good starting point. But, the winning attribute is the hard work put in consistently. As the CAT-15 and CAT-16 fever gathers momentum, I wish you a great season of preparation. Make the early half of the preparation time count the most.

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Gautam Puri !