When I first met Gejo a good ten years ago, I saw this cocky young man who thought he knew the CAT like the back of his hand. Turned out he actually did! Legend has it that no CAT question is too difficult for him, no quant question he is not able at, no data he cannot interpret, no reading passage he cannot comprehend and no logic question he cannot reason his way through. As a stalwart of CAT test prep and the genius behind CL Mumbai, he will share some of his CAT fundas with you over the next few days.

A good friend, a great mentor, and a superb CAT-ter, there are very few people in the world who come even close to him when it comes to him when it comes to devising the most ingenious CAT tips and tricks, and the best part is he makes it look so easy! With his uncanny sense of humor, he makes even the most boring topics look interesting.

For those of you who already know him through CL Mumbai, this is where you can get more of him. For those of you who are just getting to know him, be forewarned, he will change how you see the CAT, forever.

Over to you Gejo….