Featured Student

Do you think you can be a perfect case for GP Ka Funda ‘Featured Student’ list?

Over the years, I’ve interacted with many CAT aspirants across the country. Without a doubt, I can say there are some truly inspiring cases of students that have achieved or moved closer to their career dreams. So many of them have asked, “How do I get myself featured on GP ka Funda?”

What we’re looking for

There is no secret recipe to get featured. All you need to do is share your story and we will select a few that can get featured. While we encourage you to submit a compelling story, well-written testimonial, experience the usual way (via email – blogs@careerlauncher.com), our Featured Student series has some special criteria and also gives you a chance to explain your case in your own words. We will follow the same and keep you posted once your story is published.

The typical timeline to become a Featured Student @ GP Ka Funda is 1-2 weeks subject to availability, turnaround time and editorial discretion. Please ensure that you share a high-resolution photograph, CAT or any other score and your present grade/profile. Also, we will be happy to tag you on our FB page (if you are connected). We wish you the very best for your career!

We depend on you as much as you depend on us, so please keep your experiences/testimonials coming!