1. Make a replica or imitation of something

2. Make (something) seem laughably real or impossible


If we go by that definition – a Mock CAT may be of two categories:

1. An imitation of the skill-set tested in the CAT

2. A test that is nowhere close to the CAT

For a CAT prep institute, their Mock should be the former and not the latter. The CAT Mocks are the most important prep tool for your CAT. It can help you understand quite a lot of things: where do you stand, which areas you are good at, how to handle a particular section etc. Unless the institute makes a reasonable prediction based on logical assumptions, it cannot create a Mock CAT which imitates the skill-set tested in the CAT – both in terms of the difficulty level of the test and the composition of questions.

However, there are some easy escape routes:

1. Create a Mock that is consistently difficult & claim that we are preparing for the worst-case scenario

2. Randomly create Mock Tests of different difficulty level and hope that one of it hits the CAT difficulty level.

CL avoids both!

Our objective is to create Mocks that are as close to the CAT as possible. We, at CL, decided to be transparent and let our students know how we create a Proc Mock. Here’s a video wherein I explain the thought process behind CL Proc Mocks 2015.

If you want to know how we achieve it, watch this video:

Good luck!

Gejo Sreenivasan