In the previous article of this series on CAT repeater strategy, I discussed what would be a good way to go about your CAT preparation for those of CAT repeaters who had scored an 85+%ile in CAT 2015. Here, in this post, I suggest a CAT repeater strategy for those who scored below 85%ile in the last CAT exam.

II. CAT Repeater Strategy for CAT score below 85%ile:

Assuming that those of you falling in this bracket have a fair idea about the exam, I say that the most prominent reason for a below par performance can be attributed to the lack of practice.  This lack of practice can, in turn, be attributed to either insufficient time devoted or lack of proper guidance.  My suggestion to the students would be to do a sincere analysis of what went wrong in the previous CAT attempt and start afresh.

You can follow the instructions in this particular order:

1)      Focus on Fundamentals:  Read the points mentioned in “Lack of Proficiency in one section” above.  You need to put effort across the sections and you are advised to follow the points which I have mentioned for each – Maths, English and LR/DI. Needless to say that you can be a bit selective about the instructions since you have already made a head start by preparing for previous year CAT exam.

2)      Write Mock Tests:  Read the points mentioned in “Lack of Sound Test-Taking Strategy” in CAT 150 day strategy – Part 1. I suggest you be unconditional about the points mentioned above.

I believe that an approach with the right mix of practice, test taking and analysis will see you through. And yes, most importantly, be confident and enjoy your preparation.

In the next series, I would discuss a similar elaborate strategy for the CAT aspirants for whom CAT 2016 is their first attempt. Students will be able to appreciate the difference between the strategies that different students need to adopt as per their level of proficiency and their previous experience with this exam (if any).

All the best!
Siddharth Mehta
Career Launcher, Bhilai