It is never too late to start preparing, and for an exam like CAT, it is never too early to start too. This piece focuses on the early birds who have decided to pursue MBA and will write the CAT in 2017. If you are one such early bird then you can follow the strategy mentioned here.

Firstly, let us congratulate you for zeroing in on your objective.

We have divided the preparation period of 400 days in 4 legs. For each leg we have discussed the objectives below:

400 Days to CAT’17 – The main focus in the first leg of the preparation should be to build a strong foundation for the CAT exam. Before that you should become well verse with the CAT exam format and sections being tested. You need to make a choice – whether to join a classroom program which offers you guided learning in a classroom environment or an online program like the Night Classes for CAT 2017 that allows you to study anytime – anywhere at the comforts of your home. Both the programs are equally good and would give your preparation the correct support that it requires

To read more, visit CL’s Classroom Page and download the CAT 2017 Study Plan.