After Gejo from CL Mumbai, let me introduce you to Niraj Prasad from CL Kanpur.

Niraj does not need any introduction to CAT aspirants in eastern UP because most of the IIM entrants, in the last 15 years, from eastern UP have been mentored by Niraj and owe their success to him. However given that Niraj is based in Kanpur students in rest of India were unable to benefit from his expertise. In the last couple of years however CL has used technology to ensure that Niraj’s expertise is available to students across the country via webinars, videos etc.

In the MBA test-prep industry, there are many self-proclaimed experts of QA/DI/EU/RC but very few CAT experts and Niraj is the best. Niraj’s understanding of CAT and other MBA entrances is unparalleled and while the so called experts struggle to get a 95 percentile in their section, Niraj has cleared CAT not once or twice but 15 times. Hence Niraj had to be part of this series of “How I attempted Mock CAT”

Go through the video of Niraj’s attempt of New Pattern Mock CAT 15 and learn from the person who has cleared CAT them maximum number of times. Click here to view video recording of Niraj’s Mock CAT 15 attempt, it is also available in your SIS.

All the best.