The right PGDM/MBA program choice is critical to the transformative success

Business Schools treat all students the same, regardless of educational background, skill or knowledge levels. An engineer has more exposure to quantitative skills than a BBA or B.COM student. In turn, BBA students have more exposure to management subjects. Similarly, management programs don’t consider that students may have differing English levels, general knowledge and other soft skills. At ITM Business School, we’ve been focused on solving these issues in our PGDM program. ITM has developed a unique, game-changing PGDM program, called ITM PGDM iConnect, which refocuses business education on practical know-how, industry experience and professional development. The ITM PGDM iConnect program is an AICTE approved, 2 years, full-time post-graduate Diploma in Management.

The faculties at ITM Business School continuously redesign the ITM PGDM program, literally from the first day-first-class, right up to convocation. Starting with revising and re-designing all the subjects with a focus on the skill sets students to need for the next 10 years, to the unique ‘iConnect Core’, an extended industry internship, an integral part of the learning experience. Realizing that recruiters highly value attitude and aptitude, ITM has transformed pre-placement training into a 2 year long 300-hour training program called TALEWIND, that gives its students a competitive edge in final placements. ITM’s philosophy in redesigning its PGDM program is “to build it backwards” according to Chairperson Dr P.V. Ramana. “We’ve mapped the knowledge & skillsets our graduates will need over the next 5 to 10 years in their careers. These competencies have been built into the program, starting with specialization subjects, to the internship, professional development and business fundamentals taught as part of the foundation course”.

8 Reasons why ITM’s PGDM iConnect program is transforming students and their careers

  1. Get your basics right: The ITM PGDM iConnect program starts with a Foundation Course, which helps students from different graduate streams get caught up on the basic subjects required of all management students. From quantitative techniques to accounting and finance, the foundation course makes getting up-to-speed easy.
  2. Become a Specialist: Students choose their specializations in the first year itself. This enables ITM faculties to deliver more specialization subjects than a standard PGDM program. This is essential, as the required knowledge in each field is vast, and students can become specialists in their chosen field.
  3. Get real industry experience: 2-month summer projects are old-school. The ITM PGDM iConnect features a 5 month full-time, paid industry internship. Students get hands-on work experience in top companies, handling business operations, strategy and research projects. Aided by faculty mentors, teams of students work and learn directly from industry. Many students get a PPO (Pre-placement Offer) from their internship companies.
  4. Evolve into a professional: Over 200 hours of personal and professional development coursework are integrated throughout the 2 year program. This innovative course combines essential hard skills, general knowledge and soft skills to help students become articulate, knowledgeable and confident professionals. It culminates in intensive pre-placement training, to help students succeed in final placements.
  5. Awaken your Inner Human: Social responsibility is not just a feel-good thing at ITM, we take CSR and ISR very seriously. That’s why every student takes up a one month NGO project, working directly to support social causes and understanding how charitable organizations work and how their work changes the lives of millions.
  6. Focus on What Matters: ITM faculties take up the challenging task of constantly revising and enriching the courses delivered in the ITM PGDM program. Each year, they review the state of various industries and the global economy and change course content to focus on what matters to business professionals today.
  7. Start your career with the best companies: Over 650 companies visit ITM’s campuses each year for final placements. Some of India’s biggest companies and even global giants are regular campus recruiters. With the best brands and challenging job profiles on offer, ITM students get a wide choice of career starts.
  8. Build a network for a lifetime: With thousands of Alumni in virtually every top company, becoming an ITM PGDM graduate has value beyond the 2 years spent studying. ITM students get plugged into a vast network of ITMites, which will help them progress in their careers.

ITM Business School 2016 placements: Highest package: Rs. 15 lacs pa  Average: Rs. 7 lacs pa

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