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Manzilien Aur Bhi Hain: RBI Grade B

This is the time when CAT 2017aspirants are busy with their CAT preparation and do not want to be distracted from their goal of an MBA from a top B school. However, time and tide wait for none and it would be incorrect on my part not to share with you what I think is not only an excellent back up to MBA but also a very good career in its own right. Registration is open for Reserve Bank of India’s Grade B examination, the gateway to the key managerial positions in RBI and this examination is strongly recommended...

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CAT 2016 – Khel Khel Mein

With a couple of days to CAT 2016, many students are calling me with questions like: What should I do in the last 2 days? How should I attempt the paper? What should be my plan for the paper? How difficult will CAT 2016 be? Which will be the most difficult section in CAT 2016? What should I do if there are 44 questions in VRC? Let me try and answer these (and possibly a few other) questions. It is time to relax, forget about all the preparation issues and; either watch a senseless Bollywood movie or read a...

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The Mystery of R1, R2, R3 Solved: Presenting the ‘Strength Finder’

Why is it that most of us are unable to identify R1, R2, and R3 questions while taking Mock CATs and usually end up attempting the difficult questions over the easier ones? The reason is that most of us are confused about our strengths and weaknesses. We work at the macro level i.e. the topic level (Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry etc.) but our attempts in CAT have to be at the question type level, and many of us are unable to reconcile the two levels. Is it something new to us? Of course not! We have done this regularly for...

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IIFT 2016-18 Analysis: My take

IIFT 2016-18 was along the expected lines, it appears that the paper setters went through my blogpost GP’s 10 foolproof fundas to Crack IIFT and implemented everything that was mentioned. So all the key ingredients of IIFT papers like “match the following” questions, the South Indian Thali, lengthy but factual RCs, difficult DI sets and, most importantly, incorrect questions (13 incorrect or ambiguous questions) were all available in the paper. You may view the analysis of IIFT 2016-18 paper here. If we have to compare IIFT 2016-18 analysis to old IIFT test papers, then the closest will be IIFT...

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No one killed Jessica!

No one killed Jessica is the thought that came to my mind when I heard that out of the 25+ errors in CLAT 2015 the authorities had accepted only two more errors (one incorrect question and one change of answer choice) in the paper despite sufficient evidence to the contrary. In the unfortunate case of Jessica Lal, the accused were acquitted due to botched up investigation and false witnesses. Sabrina, her sister, decided to fight the system. Media, public and political parties came together and the government machinery was forced to act leading to the accused getting convicted. If...

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