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CAT 2016: Change is the only constant

Back in July, there was no ambiguity about CAT 2016. The CAT 2016 website  very clearly gave the following information. CAT 2016 will be a Computer Based Test (CBT) with a total of 100 questions The duration of the examination will be 180 minutes. There will be three sections: Section I: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension with 34 questions Section II: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning with 32 questions Section III: Quantitative Ability with 34 questions Candidates will be allotted exactly 60 minutes for answering questions in each section and they cannot switch from one section to another while...

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IIFT done – What Next for CAT 2016?

With IIFT out of the way most of you would have immediately shifted your focus to CAT 2016. However, before you get down to practicing section tests from Test Gym and taking Mock CATs it will be useful to relive your IIFT experience and analyze why you did/did not do well in IIFT and what learning from this paper can you take forward to CAT. Let us first look at the IIFT paper and then discuss what you should do in the 6 days leading up to CAT 2016. Let me share with you how I would have attempted...

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NMAT 2017: To Retake or Not To Retake – Updated

With NMAT declaring the scores of Window 1 & 2 the obvious question in the minds of the NMAT takers are: Should I go for a retake? Which institute/program can I get an interview call from? Obviously the answer to these questions is in trying to predict the cutoff that NMIMS would have for its various programs. So let us first have a look at the NMAT cutoffs of the last few papers. NMAT Cut-offs Section NMIMS Mumbai FTMBA/HR NMIMS PGDM Blr /Hyd NMIMS Mumbai MBA Pharma 2014 2015 2016 2016 2016 (Est) Quantitative Skills 72 70 65 60...

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GP’s 10 fool-proof fundas to Crack IIFT

Among the Indian MBA entrance exams, IIFT entrance exam is possibly the most complicated; while the 3 section CAT 2016 with a time limit of 1 hour for each section is essentially an only a test of knowledge and speed, the IIFT paper is an aptitude test and also a test of your temperament. It has multiple sections (and sometimes subsections also), no sectional time limits, differential marking for questions of different sections, negative marking for incorrect answers, insufficient time and at times does not clearly specify if it has sectional cut-offs. In other words the IIFT paper checks...

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6 Weeks to CAT’16 – Ab billi door nahin

With just about 6 weeks to CAT 2016, it is time for us to move on to the next stage of preparation. While the earlier stages of CAT preparation were about building up of fundamentals, application of concepts, exposure to MCQs, increasing speed and working out strategies for various types of questions, the focus of this stage of preparation is to ensure accuracy with speed. This stage of preparation (6 weeks to CAT) is also a stage of confusion. Do I have sufficient knowledge to tackle the paper? Which topics can I afford to leave?  How many Mock CATs...

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