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How to fill the CLAT Preference List

Dear Student, So the CLAT results are out. Congratulations to all those who’ve done well. While what counts as a good rank or a good score might be relative, it helps to remember that this is where your law school journey begins. Or not, should you choose to opt for something else. Either way, LST is here to help you every step of the way. Our task doesn’t end with the declaration of the results, and we take our responsibility towards getting you into the law school of your choice quite seriously. The post-result notifications on the CLAT website...

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NMAT 2017 Analysis

The test taking window of NMAT began on 7th October. The exam is conducted this year by GMAC, the organisation which conducts the GMAT exam. In general, there weren’t any technical glitches that were reported during the exam. The Logical Reasoning section was slightly difficult. This section was dominated by singlets as there was only one LR set consisting 4 questions. Apart from that a good number of questions were of Critical Reasoning. The options in the CR questions were opinionated instead of being logical which made the questions ambiguous. A score of 60 – 63 is achievable and...

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Things you must-do after every mock CAT you take

Here is another article in the series of articles on ensuring that every Mock CAT helps you improve your scores. While the first one Are you choosing the right questions in your Mocks was on classifying the questions in different categories and identifying the right questions to attempt in (Mock) CAT, this one suggests what all you must do after every Mock CAT you take. The CAT 2016 pattern is akin to taking three one hour sectional tests one after the other and hence it is highly advisable to take the sectional tests regularly along with Mock CATs. Most students...

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7 Rules to excel in CAT VRC section

After having talked about the 7 Rules to Excel in CAT QA section in our previous article, we get down to discussing similar tips to tackle CAT VRC section. Understanding of a Paper (or a section) along with the understanding of own strengths and weakness are the two essential blocks of deciding the strategy for attempting it. The CAT 2016 paper structure is that of three back to back sectional tests and hence having a separate approach to tackle each of the three sections is required. In this post, we will discuss the strategy to successfully tackle the Verbal...

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7 Rules to excel in CAT QA section

In this season of Mock CATs, most of the students struggle with the problem of low attempts (and low scores) in QA despite having good knowledge. While attempting the QA section in Mock CATs, many students are unable to choose the right questions and end up attempting difficult questions that not only take time but also get them negative marks. However after the paper, while analyzing the Mock or going through the solutions, you discover that there were many easy questions that could have been attempted in the paper. Over the years, watching so many make the same mistake...

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