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Are you choosing the right questions in your Mock CATs?

Lots of queries pour in each day about how persistent efforts are not translating into great scores. More than knowledge, an extremely important aspect of test taking is: choosing the right questions. Therefore, the question to you is – Are you choosing the right questions to attempt? Most of the time the reason for poor performance is not lack of knowledge but poor question selection and some test takers maybe of the viewpoint that all questions should be answered. Few rightly picked questions are sufficient to get you a desired 99+ percentile. Now, the question that should come to your mind...

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CAT 2017- Start Early to Stay Ahead

CAT’16 has been done with. The dreams of many students have been realized; while of some students have been broken. But it’s not the end for the ones who did not get the desired percentile. And for the fresh aspirants looking at CAT 2017 exam, it is an ideal time to begin. Before I take you towards CAT 2017 strategy, I would suggest you have a look at the CAT’16 analysis. For an exam that attracts applicants in lakhs, make sure you are ahead of them by making a right choice for your type of preparation. A student while...

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Application Time!

The most relevant question at this stage of an MBA aspirant’s life is: From which colleges can I get an interview call? While I tried answering these questions individually, I soon realised that since the questions are common, it will be easier for me to post an article giving the required information, hence this post giving the estimated cutoffs of various MBA institutes. The application deadline of the institutes and the link to their admission website is also given to help those of you who would like to apply to these institutes. Most of the cutoffs given in the...

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SNAP Shot!!

SNAP, conducted by Symbiosis International University for admission to its fifteen management institutes (offering 21 programs), is one of the most popular management entrance tests and is taken by over 50,000 students every year due to availability of a wide range of institutes. The level of difficulty of the questions asked in SNAP usually ranges from easy to moderate. A CAT paper would usually be considered more difficult than a normal SNAP paper. However, the limited time available for attempting the paper (120 minutes for 150 questions) makes it a bit challenging for some students. SNAP – A great...

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CAT 2016 Analysis: Slot 1: First Impressions

CAT 2016 Likely cutoff: Getting updated shortly Structure similar to CAT 15. The difficulty level of QA section is the key difference between CAT 2015 and CAT 2016. QA – more difficult than last year. Approx 5 attempts less as compared to CAT 15. 22-25 is is a good attempt. DILR slightly easy. Students could attempt 4 sets with ease. 14-16 is a good attempt. Exerts say, good students could even go on to attempt 6 DILR sets. Verbal section – Level of difficulty same as CAT 15. The section had 24 RC questions , 10 Verbal Logic (4 Para...

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