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How to Crack CAT in 40 days

There are hardly 40 days for CAT. How do you plan to Crack CAT in 40 days? The above emotion is something which a student, who is serious about CAT, would be feeling overwhelmed about! The question “How to Crack CAT in 40 days?” will surely be giving some of you sleepless nights.  However, I would like you to believe that ->There are FORTY days for CAT. Once you establish that you are going to work towards performing well in the CAT exam, and not worry about the number of days that exist, it would be much easier to...

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7 Rules to excel in CAT DILR section

After having talked about the 7 Rules to Excel in CAT QA section  and  7 Rules to Excel in CAT VARC section in our previous articles, let us get down to discussing similar tips to tackle CAT DILR section. Again, understanding of a Paper (or a section) along with the understanding of own strengths and weakness are the two essential blocks of deciding the strategy for attempting it. The CAT 2019 paper should simply be seen as three back to back sectional tests and, hence, having a separate approach to tackle each of the three sections is required. The 2019 CAT DILR section...

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How to get a 99%ile in CAT 2019?

99+%ile in CAT – A dream of many aspiring CAT takers. But the questions is, is it really that difficult to get this dream percentile? No, its not difficult. Even if you have just 3 months left for CAT. Smart work and the right practice is the key to a 99%ile in CAT. CAT 2019 notification is out and the exam will be conducted on 24th November 2019. With approximately 3 months remaining, let us explore various strategies that can get you a 99%ile in CAT 2019. CAT Pattern 2019 The most important key to cracking any exam is...

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University Incubators: Turning Ideas into Thriving Businesses

Many aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses are striving hard to make it big in today’s cut-throat market environment. While getting it right in a dog-eat-dog business domain is a tall-task, the market’s high risk – high reward nature makes entrepreneurship an alluring career choice for the millennials. As a result, young entrepreneurs are leaving no-stone-unturned to make their mark as successful businessmen. Flagship initiatives, like Startup India by the government of India, intend to build stronger ecosystems to help entrepreneurs, mentor them to realise the big dream and minimize market entry barriers for them to succeed. In line with...

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CAT 2019 Preparation Strategy: How to Prepare for CAT 2019 in 6 months

With just 6 months to go for CAT 2019, every serious MBA aspirant should follow an effective preparation strategy to optimize their score and give it their best CAT attempt this year. After all, the CAT preparation strategy that is put in place today will dictate the actions over the next 6 months. It is extremely important for the aspirant to ascertain exactly where they stand in each of the sections. The mocks given during the prior CAT Preparation should help in this regard. Once the introspection about the CAT preparation is done, a detailed plan on how to...

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