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“What if I am not a CAT topper?”

In India, the observable trend tells us how management studies have a tradition of rigorous training, especially by test-prep centres to attain a coveted high rank in the CAT examinations. The selection process at the top IIMs have pressurised aspirants to work on specific requirements in an intensely competitive environment. There is an immense burden on the aspirants to enhance and design their CVs to accommodate particular requirements like high CAT percentiles, certain years of industry experience plus co-curricular activities. For instance, everything else being equal, a bright engineering graduate with the reasonable job experience may not get a...

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One Year MBA in India

If we look back two and a half decades in the past, only a select few graduates used to consider MBA for their post-graduation. Fast forward to 2018, MBA has become a household concept in the country. Hundreds of thousands of graduates appear for the CAT and GMAT exams every year, which are the gateway to most prestigious B-Schools in the country and abroad. When it comes to full-time MBA programs, there are two variants of it – the traditional two-year program and a fast-track one year MBA which has recently started gaining popularity in the country. What Sets...

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Become industry-relevant with specialized MBA programs from UPES

It is often said and rightly so that education is an investment that is expected to pay throughout one’s life time. While market uncertainties and changing business landscape may require regular additional investments in retraining, careful thought in choosing a proper course with excellent career prospects is critical. The internet era and generation-Z which lives in e-space have rendered traditional thinking of choosing those programs of study with several decades long steady career path, redundant. For example once-hot careers such as computer hardware engineering and BPOs are today riddled with lower prospects or benched employees. It is time, therefore,...

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What relevance does an MBA have to the highly technical skills of a professional engineer, and is there a need for an MBA specifically for Engineers?  Thoughts  in Mind of an Engineering Graduate .  It’s important to decide if one want to be a subject matter expert or a manager. If one love engineering and being on the technical side, then an advanced engineering degree puts them at the top of your field. But, if one is excited about working at a macro level in business and managing teams or considering an entrepreneurial endeavour, an MBA is right choice....

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Can Management Education Really Transform Lives and Careers?

The right PGDM/MBA program choice is critical to the transformative success Business Schools treat all students the same, regardless of educational background, skill or knowledge levels. An engineer has more exposure to quantitative skills than a BBA or B.COM student. In turn, BBA students have more exposure to management subjects. Similarly, management programs don’t consider that students may have differing English levels, general knowledge and other soft skills. At ITM Business School, we’ve been focused on solving these issues in our PGDM program. ITM has developed a unique, game-changing PGDM program, called ITM PGDM iConnect, which refocuses business education on practical...

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