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MBA Admissions and Impact of COVID-19

Amidst the ongoing global uncertainty these are testing times for all, no matter on which side of the table you are. This is the worst of time for those of you who despite the hard work and an honest effort of last 15 months are in the unenviable situation of not knowing the way forward. Out of the approximately 3,00,000 MBA aspirants about 10,000 are on the verge of getting into their desired MBA institute, another 20,000 are about to settle for an acceptable MBA institute but the remaining 90% MBA aspirants are at a crossroad. In the last...

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CAT 2020- Reading Comprehension for CAT

What if I told you that Reading Comprehension in CAT is the single-most important thing that can make or break your Verbal Ability percentile in CAT? In this article I will be discussing the importance of Reading Comprehension for CAT and RC preparation tips on how to achieve a good score in CAT RC passages. Within this article, I will also be sharing with you a list of suggested books for reading for all kinds of readers. I have handpicked this list along with my team of Verbal experts to help you give you a knack of the kinds...

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Attempt, Analyse with some free online CAT 2020 mocks

When we talk about CAT (Common Admission Test) or similar management exams, one thing is definite, that the best approach to crack CAT is taking as many online mocks as possible and going through the detailed analysis of each and every mock you have taken. Over the years, I have seen many students who start preparing for CAT but are not really clear as to what the CAT exam is all about. It’s really strange to not know the exam you are preparing for, isn’t it? While you might think that having a look at the previous year CAT...

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CAT preparation plan for 2020– Part I

CAT preparation plan  With eight months to CAT 2020, it is high time for a person who has decided on doing an MBA to start preparing for this enigmatic exam! Read to find out the ideal CAT preparation plan How many hours per day one needs to prepare for CAT? This question has no right answer.  If you have already prepared and written the CAT exam, then about 6 to 7 hours per week till July and then increasing the prepping hours would do. However, if you are beginning your CAT preparation today, then it may require closer to...

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Top MBA Colleges for Marketing in India

With B-School final selection process in its last leg, students have in front of them multiple options to choose from. To help students choose the right college I have created a ranking for Top MBA Colleges for Marketing in India. Also, I have answered few common questions asked by CAT aspirants every year such as “What is MBA in Marketing?” “Who should do MBA in marketing?” etc. In an earlier article posted by me “Jayein toh Jayein kahaan 2020: Top MBA Colleges” I had discussed about and ranked some top institutes based on a combination of various parameters such...

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