First-ever Online SQC…it’s a housefull!

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Jiska koi nahi hota uska online SQC hota hai.

Just a day or two ago I was worried how I’d be able to cover maximum cities for Smart Quant Cracker before CAT. There were requests from students from all over the country, and I did not know how to accommodate all of them. Then someone suggested we do online – and it was a brainwave!

I hate telling you guys that SQC is not coming to Amritsar or Cochin, Coimbatore, Surat, Raigarh and so many cities that I cannot cover this year. But who knew, jiska koi nahi hota uska internet hota hai. So we did a first-ever e-SQC today. Same 3 hour format, same questions, same logical method of solving them, and the same interaction with you guys – on chat, and on webcam. We were only able to open registration for 500 students and the seats were booked in no time. I read a comment on Facebook that the session was ‘housefull’ – all seats booked in less than 5 hours. But I promise there will be a second one very, very soon!

Personally, I enjoyed myself in this online SQC avatar, as much as I do when I meet all of you in your own city. I thought there was nothing that I could not manage to do in the online version that I do otherwise. What do you think…online SQC or one in your city? Write back to me with your comments….

60 thoughts on “First-ever Online SQC…it’s a housefull!

  1. I am from Nagpur.. and no SQC session is held here… and also i wasn’t able to attend the online SQC session because i was completely unaware of it…
    Sir if possible please conduct a repeat of that session once again… It would be of great help to people like me.. who dread quants…..

  2. It was indeed a great and fullfuling experience for me , though i could attend for just about 30 minutes or so from 4.30-5pm having missed the major area I eagerly await the second SQC online.Even in those 3o mins i got an idea that though the Cat paper setter might try to discourage us ,intimidate us but instead we must have an attitude that “arre eh toh bacha wala sum sum hein” i need to use some common sense(illegitimate fundas) to crack them….had real fun sir ..plz arrange a 2nd SQC online soon..thnx :)

  3. I attended the webinar. It changed my perspective of taking questions.Thanks a ton ,Sir. Please do one for verbal section also before CAT.

  4. sir,
    it was great to work parallaly with you in online avatar…
    although i have attended this in my city by Dheeraj sir but todays lecture just enhances the learnings by dheeraj sir.
    can you please try to have one similar type of VALR session….
    waiting for your positive response… :)

  5. Sir when will be the next webinar?

    Also,will there be any other session in Delhi…

    please please let me know…will be of great help


  6. Sir,
    I wanted to attend webinar but had Mock CAT today , so, I couldn’t attend the same.I want to request you to bring more Webinar in future with both morning & Evening Schedules.
    Himanshu Kumar

  7. thoroughly enjoyed the SQC.. But the thing is we cant apply this for all the problems.. And sometimes the options are too close.
    But still worthy enough to know.. For solving questions in the last 5 minutes definitely useful…
    Thanks for this.. Please plan a similar one for verbal.. eagerly waiting for it.. And may be next time increase the no of seats and have it in evening so that many more can attend. Afternoon and ona weekday difficult to make it for many people..

  8. Hello Sir,

    I registered for the seminar in PUNE city on 8th September and I received a confirmation mail.
    But i received no further confirmation call or mail. It was written in the mail that a CL representative will get in touch with me. But, no one did.

    Is the seminar happening or is it cancelled ??


    • Hyderabad has already finished its session Bangalore is scheduled for Sep 9. You can also attend the online session. Details will be up shortly.

  9. Sir first of all thanks alot for today’s helped me to see the questn and solution in a different perspective….

    One humble request…Can we arrange these session on weekends…basically I m part of a working junta, nd it really become hard for us to take 3 hrs off in between office hours……

  10. This session should be web-recorded for second viewing for the attendees. The ones available on you tube have too much of background noise.

  11. Hi Sir, I really appreciate efforts you are putting in those SQC and your blog is just amazing….I must say that today webinar was a fruitful session…this will help a lot……..

    Just a suggestion- We should also recorded/uploaded webinar session rather than live Srifort session, as for web users webinar recoding will be far more useful bec

    1)better voice quality on recording
    2)Able to see the powerpoint which was lacking in current videos
    3)its was more clear and crisp and saved at least 2 hours of travelling :) ….

    Dheeraj Thakkar

  12. SQC no doubt was an outstanding session
    Sir if its possible please arrange for SMART ENGLISH CRACKER PLEASE.!!!!

    Desperately waiting for it

    Thanking You

  13. Sir, Thanks for taking this initiative. It’s really worth and greatly helpful.
    But it’s still troublesome for Working People, like me, who won’t be able to attend during working hours. If possible can it be please held on Saturdays or Sundays. Or Why don’t you also publish the webex recording of the session too… along with the necessary sheets provided during the session.
    I tried looking a the videos on the You Tube. They are great and interesting. But the audio is not good and also questions 95% of the recording doesn’t show the questions. So it’s difficult to grasp is completely.

  14. Sir,
    I am able to crack the cut off in VA/LR section in almost every mock but my quant scores are terrible. I have attended the SQC session but then also I am unable to increase my quant score. At this point of time what would you suggest i should do to get a decent quant score in CAT.

    • Jatin, my suggestion woould be to do the following:
      1. Identify and revise important questions from the Mock CATs you have taken so far.
      2. Do QA secttion of past CAT papers (1990 – 2008), identify important question and revise them at least once a week.

  15. Dear Sir,
    I had registered and paid the money (via credit card). But I didn’t get registered for it!

    I have sent 3 mails to your office, even called them up, to no avail. I guess I have missed it. At the least I’d like to have my Rs. 99 back.

    P.S.: I follow your blog and highly respect your opinions and guidance, just did not expect this coming from CL.

  16. Hello sir,
    I m a student of cl dhanbad.recently on 17th june I had an accident due to which my left hand is broken n I had an operation . But now I m preparing in my home only.I am also not attendingclasses .further I humbly request You to please do sqc online .furthermore it is also beneficial for working professionals.if available you can draft a cd and provide to cl students which is much cheaper than providing sqc in various cities and students can easily able to watch.

    Thanking you

    • Ankit, online SQC will be scheduled in Aug/Sept’14.
      Hope you are able to prepare on your own, do let me know if you face any problems in preparation.

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